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Watergraafsmeer polder is a former lake, town and district of the municipality of Amsterdam in the Dutch province of North Holland. Since May 1, 2010 it is part of the Amsterdam Oost. For January 1, 1921 it was an independent municipality with about ten thousand inhabitants.

Watergraafsmeer consists largely of polder, formerly “Water Graft More” called (graft = canal). The Diemer- and Watergraafsmeer polder was created in 1629 after drainage of the Diemermeer that the connection formed between the Amstel and the Nieuwediep. On March 5, 1651, however, broke the dike between the Zuiderzee and the Nieuwediep, the Diemerzeedijk, and also broke the polder dike and flooded Watergraafsmeer (see below St. Peter’s Flood). The following year the polder was drained again. Watergraafsmeer is now among the lowest-lying parts of Amsterdam (about 5 meters -NAP).

built in the 17th and 18th centuries, many wealthy Amsterdammers estates in Watergraafsmeer, which only Frankendael remains. The main roads are Middenweg and Kruislaan dividing the polder into four almost equal parts. In the 20th century are also Gooiseweg and the East Ring Road (A10) built in the Watergraafsmeer.

In the Watergraafsmeer was the stadium De Meer of football club Ajax, which was in use until 1996. The most famous player of Ajax, Johan Cruijff, grew up in nearby Concrete Village, a neighborhood in Watergraafsmeer which, however, officially “Tuindorp Watergraafsmeer” hot. Also, the writing brothers Gerard Reve and Karel van het Reve grew up in Betondorp.

Stories by locals

Stadium de Meer- The Watergraafsmeer is a quiet residential area which is perfect for an easy going afternoon strolling down the cozy streets. This is one of the more greener Amsterdam neighbourhoods and this is partly due to the beautiful park Frankendael. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor. Read more
Smaller neighbourhoods- Watergraafsmeer is really a whole series of smaller neighbourhoods: some fiercely working-class areas with a strong sense of community, middle-rise apartment blocks and high-rises along the Amstel River. Besides lower- and middle-income families, there’s a significant ageing population. Read more




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De Meer

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Why I love Watergraafsmeer- The Watergraafsmeer is a polder in the Netherlands. It was reclaimed in 1629. In the 17th and 18th centuries, there were many buitenplaatsen in the Watergraafsmeer, though nowadays only one, Frankendael, remains. Read more


Famous people from Watergraafsmeer

Johan Cruyff- Johan was born in Betondorp, Watergraafsmeer. After his retirement from playing and coaching Johan Cruyff initiated the Cruyff Foundation, Cruyff Institute, Cruyff Classics, Cruyff Football and Cruyff Library. More about these global initiatives can be found on the World Of Johan Cruyff, with links to each individual site. Read more

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