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About me

Hi there. As a busy cultural entrepreneur I spend lots of time traveling from meeting A to B. In Amsterdam I go by bicycle, and have done so for the last 2 decades. So I have ample opportunity to look around and let the city speak for itself. Amazed by specific colors and culture of every neighborhood, I am always on the lookout for a new story. Whether it’s about a book on Amsterdam, a park, a stunning restaurant or an interesting history, as long as it’s challenging or new, I’m good.

I’m the guy who’s easily inspired by new forms of bringing people together. How we can transform our ‘hoods’ into inclusive micro societies using the power of storytelling. I get excited when a local is asked for directions and the conversation ends in a debate about tolerance of drinks on a terrace. I believe that our passions can bring us together. Mine are cycling, Napoleon and World War II, by the way.

Why Watergraafsmeer?

Amsterdam is probably one of the most culturally divers in the world. Its wonderful atmosphere, where architecture, diverse cultural backgrounds, great food and interesting opportunities meet our natural tolerance, citizenship, entrepreneurship and our liberty.

To me, coming home at night form the race around the city in my charming neighborhood Watergraafsmeer, is like taking a break or even a holiday. Rich in stories, well below sea level and one of the greener areas of Amsterdam, it‘s the ideal part of town to book a bnb and mingle with the locals. I’d like to welcome you in my neighborhood! To see the storks nesting in the park, to enjoy the locally brewed beer and ice cream.

The city and its freedom gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a person, it always has the answer when I’m looking for something fun to do and constantly keeps on changing. To me, Amsterdam is the most charming city I’ve ever been to, and simply said, Amsterdam is a place you should have been to at least once in your life.

In daily life...

concept developer, community builder, storyteller @ifthenisnow and @where2bnb; publisher, consultant and coach

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