How and why?

Travel the world and let its stories guide you

How and why it works

At Where2bnb you can discover where to stay in a city or region. It’s hard to tell which neighborhood fits your passion best or what might be your ‘hood-of-interest’.

That is why we are capturing the identity of neighborhoods in personal stories and interesting activities. So you can make that choice and blend in and feel like a local; to be a traveler and not a tourist!

If you like The Beatles, stay at a bnb on Abbey Road. So, pick a neighborhood based on the personal stories that match your passion and make your stay genuinely more exciting!

Read those stories, browse activities, and explore a neighborhood to stay. Connect with bnb’s that fit  your personal fascination. And book that bnb!

Behave and be responsable

At Where2bnb we believe that stories can bring us all together and foster mutual understanding. To inspire us to experience the place we visit and feel truly connected. The future of personalized travel is to share this experience but also respect its local color, and admire its heritage and culture.

An informed traveler is a responsible visitor! To become part of the local community is also sharing responsibility. That’s why we believe in a community of fellow-travelers that inspires, shares, connects, and contributes back. To make an economic ánd social contribution…

To connect to the community is to share and participate, in preparation of a trip, on the spot and in our contemporary daily life. At Where2bnb we believe that local cuisine can be combined with food for thought if we truly want to experience the full flavor of our destination.

Our hood-hosts will be your companion, not only in selecting the stories that present the neighborhood best, not only in showing the hippest spots and activities, but also in suggesting some projects that foster social cohesion, and promoting partnerships and sustainability within that community!

How it works:

1. Share your passions with others

Whether you like soccer of 17th century art, are into Napoleon, cycling of World War II, we collect the stories that fit your imagination.

2. Select & Explore your neighborhood

With these stories we capture the identity of the neighborhood for you need to discover.

3. Read stories & browse activities

Connect with the hood and enjoy before you arrive, and pick the right neighborhood to visit.

4. Book your bnb and connect with the locals

Select the bnb matching your passions, interests and zests, and become one of the locals.


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