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Please read this Privacy Policy, the terms of use and disclaimer carefully before you use the site.

1 Introduction
For where2bnb’s privacy and responsible use of personal data of users of the important part. Personal data shall be properly and carefully processed and protected in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and the Belgian Law on Privacy.

2. Processing of personal data
where2bnb processes personal data of any user of the Web site that creates a profile or comment on the website. If you create a profile or a reaction site you must specify at least one user name and your email address.

If you create a profile, you can do well with an existing account with Facebook, Hyves, Google or Twitter, you can additionally supplement your profile with information about your residence, a brief description of yourself, a photo and the address of your own website and any additional information about your interests. You decide what information you add to the profile. Your activities, including contributions made and responses are linked to your profile.

Profiles, delivered contributions and responses are public and visible to everyone except your email address. Contributions and comments can also be shared on the Internet, such as Facebook, Hyves and Twitter. As a result of the overall operation of the Internet are public contributions additionally recorded by websites like Google.

3. Purposes personal data
where2bnb collects and processes your data (including interest profile) for the optimization, adjustment and development of the website and its use. Where2bnb also uses this information also about you as a user to provide relevant (paid) information. In this beta version of the website, this technology is not yet developed. Once it has been fully developed, the operation thereof will be explained below this Privacy Policy.

Other than as described in the Privacy Policy and admissible where2bnb will not disclose personal information pursuant to laws and regulations, unless: (a) by virtue of law, regulation, codes of conduct or irrevocable and enforceable judgments declared compulsory; (B) which is necessary in connection with safety; and / or (c) where2bnb reasonably suspects that that user is involved in illegal activities.

4. Cookies
When you visit the website, the visit will be recorded using ‘cookies’. Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard disk of the computer of the user, allowing for where2bnb information becomes available about the use of the website and thus preferences, user names and passwords can be remembered. This information can also be analyzed to detect trends and to build up statistics, such as with regard to the question of which parts of the website are visited most frequently and how long visits last. For this purpose, Google Analytics uses (which the privacy policy of Google applicable).

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that allows website owners to understand how visitors interact with their website. Google Analytics customers where2bnb can display a variety of reports about how you as a user interacts with our website. Based on this information, we can improve our website. Data is collected anonymously with Google Analytics. Website Trends are reported without identifying individual visitors.

All website owners that use Google Analytics have a privacy policy that the use of Google Analytics is fully disclosed. For more information see the Google Analytics website.

The information collected through cookies, only to connect to a computer and not to a particular user. where2bnb can therefore not determine your identity. You have the option to set as your Internet browser to refuse cookies. It may be that the web site can therefore no longer be used optimally.

5. Security of personal data
where2bnb will take all reasonable technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure that your personal information, accurate and up to date. where2bnb will store the personal information and take the necessary measures to protect them from abuse and loss, unauthorized access, processing and disclosure. However, it can not guarantee that personal data being sent over the Internet are protected always 100%.

where2bnb will take reasonable steps to remove personal or non-identifiable when it is no longer necessary to retain it.

6. Access to and correction of personal data
You can always ask at where2bnb about what personal information it has on you. where2bnb this information within four weeks of receiving your request send to you.

If your personal who have wish to modify or correct you respect yourself, you can submit a request via the contact form. where2bnb will indicate within four weeks of receipt of such a request, whether and how it will comply with the request.

7. Resisting data
You can always object to the processing of your personal information due to special personal circumstances. where2bnb will assess the objection within four weeks of receipt.

If you no longer have to somehow wish to be contacted by where2bnb with communications or other means, you can always contact us via the feedback form.

8. Changes
where2bnb reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy. A revised Privacy Policy applies from the moment it is published on the Website. To consult relevant privacy policies at any time at all times and downloaded from the website. Check the website also regularly. A revised privacy policy comes immediately before the older version instead.

9. Hyperlinks
The website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than where2bnb. where2bnb has no control over these external websites. It is possible that the use of these external websites other privacy rules may apply. where2bnb is not liable for damages or costs of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of these external websites.

10. Further information
Questions and complaints can always be directed to where2bnb the above addresses and numbers below.

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